Volxkuche would not happen if it were not for all our volunteers.

Volunteers help out with planning, perparing meals, providing entertainment, publicity, serving, cleaning and purchasing provisions. Most people just show up early enough to help out for an hour or two. If you can not attend a planning meeting, show up during the event and offer to help out.

Everyone is encouraged to subscribe to the ANNOUNCEMENTS mailing list. This list is for general announcements of Voku related topics.


When a meeting is needed organizers meet as early as 10am on the day of an evening event for face-to-face planning and discussions. Those helping with organization and planning should also subscribe to the ORGANIZATION PLANNING mailing list. Special event and other planning meetings are coordinated via this mailing list. Anyone who wants to participate or learn more about how VolxKuche SF is organized may attend.


We are constantly recruiting new entertainers. Since we don't pay for this we encourage acts with new material to use our venue as a place to try out new material. Past performance groups have told us it is hard to find good locations in San Franciso that make it easy to invite friends and fans. We try to coordinate performances so they on a date that works best for everyone invovled.

Please contact us directly via email to coordinate booking your act, group or troupe. Currently the 2nd Thursday is for stand-up comedy, and the 4th Thursday is for Vaudevillian styled entertainment.

Those helping with entertainment should also consider subscribing to the ENTERTAINMENT mailing list.

Food Preparation and Cooking

We try to start in the kitchen by 1pm the day of the event. Please try to arrive by 4pm if you want to help with preparation or cooking.

The kitchen section of this website has more details.


If you want to help with publicity, posters and flyers, ready for printing out are kept here:

      Posters and Flyers:

Please let people know we can be found online at these location:

Direct Email Communication:

If you wish to discuss volunteering, you may contact any of our group coordinators:

     Entertainers, Filmmakers, Musicians: info@vokusf.org

     Kitchen: kitchen@vokusf.org

     Website: webmaster@vokusf.org